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A minimum contribution of R150 per household based on affordability.

In-order to create an estate like environment within a freehold residential suburb the decision was taken by the committee to introduce an upliftment levy. The requested minimum contribution is R150 per month. If you can afford more it would be greatly appreciated. 


This levy is used to help create a sort-after estate lifestyle.



  • Maintaining and enhancing the two entrances to the Estate

  • Securing common areas, e.g. Gale road – palisade and electric fence along the river

  • Enhancing lighting along the river

  • Paying for legal fees to ensure compliance with the Road Closure Requirements

  • Payment of electrical supply requirements to common areas

  • Community initiatives


To contribute to the public space scheme the preference is to set up a debit order.

Click here to download the Debit Order Form

Alternately, you can pay funds via a recurring EFT.

Banking Details : FNB Gold Business Account : 62555060442


To do this please please send an email to the committee

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